Why do we have an association?

Common Grounds – Amended Oct 2003
The property along 25 mile including the pine trees, the burning bushes, the berm, and all the area from the berm to the street is a known as a common area. We have a similar area bordering our sub to the east along what will someday likely be a road named Lutchman. The island at the entrance in included in this as well.

Common areas may well exist seemingly as extensions of the homes they are behind, however, by law they are community property. Each homeowner in this sub owns 1/289th of the common area equally. The association only is granted rights and is one hundred percent responsible for maintaining the areas and in exchange the entire neighborhood gets the visual benefit. This is not optional. According to the laws of Macomb Township, if we do not appropriately maintain the common area, the township may opt to do it themselves. That event would effect a special tax assessment on every homeowner in our sub and would not take into account our concerns of taste. Your association is charged with the task of avoiding government intervention.

It is also important to point out that residents that have berms behind their property must NOT plant any plants on or behind the berms (except annuals in the beds). This is a Township ordinance. The plants that are approved are on blueprint at the township planning commission and new plants must pass the board of trustee vote prior to planting. Otherwise, fines are in order. Due to the lack of public visibility, it may take awhile for the township to discover plantings along Lucthman but they will eventually do so. Please, no planting on the berms.

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