Why are there sheds in our neighborhood and can I erect one?

Many if you have asked about sheds and our community and the seeming incongruency. In an extreme paraphase of our by-laws, sheds are not allowed and any residents constructing them will suffer penalties ranging from fines to mandatory demolition to foreclosure.

It seems a common ideal that many of us with two car garages would love the space a shed provides but really are not fond of the look of sheds. Many residents also chose Sumpter Forest in part because of the shed restrictions.

Why then are there a few sheds in our neighborhood? It’s really a complicated legal issue but I can summarize it this way. Sheds are permitted by Macomb Township but not by our subdivision rules. Due to a loophole in the original covenants, those subdivision rules at one early point in Sumpter Forest time were caused to lapse and during that time Macomb Township issued valid permits for a few sheds in our sub. Since the sheds were legal at the point when the permits were issued, they are legal. We cannot fine or request residents to tear down a legal shed.

We would like to point out that these residents are required to properly maintain their sheds. No rust, delapidated boards, etc. Also, it is unlikely that new permits could be legally issued for a replacement shed.

That’s the story.

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